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Crystal Starter Kit

Crystal Starter Kit

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 Our Crystal Starter Kit is perfect for those who are learning about crystal and energy healing. It contains (4) of our favorite polished semiprecious stones in a burlap pouch.


Amethyst ~ Known for: Alleviating anxiety and stress,
Protecting against negative energy, rebalancing, and calming
emotions, enhancing inner strength, promoting harmony and
peace, helping to regulate sleep. Crown Chakra

Rose Quartz ~ Known for: Opening the heart chakra to allow
unconditional love to radiate. Soothing and healing emotional
wounds. It helps release the past so we don’t repeat old patterns.

Citrine~ Known for: Citrine is the stone of success and abundance, it is used in the chakra to increase and magnify personal power, positive energy can help self-confidence, it is a very happy stone. Solar Plexus Chakra

Black Tourmaline ~ Known for: For emotional healing, protection, a powerful stone for
dispelling negative energy and is used to cleanse the energy field


**This does not substitute medical advice. Please see a medical professional for any health concerns. Choking hazard not intended for small children.**

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